POSITION DESCRIPTION:  Full-time Secretary


JOB TITLE:  Financial Secretary / Administrative Assistant



· Serve as receptionist

· Perform secretarial duties for regular publications and for the pastor and other staff

· Maintain church records, files, mailing lists, church membership, and calendar

· Serve as a purchasing agent for the church - paper products, custodial supplies, office supplies, etc.

· Verify and reconcile weekly church deposits

· Post tithes and offerings of individuals and mail records of contributions annually

· Wednesday Night Supper - purchase food, assist with the preparation of food, clean-up, collect money

· Publish a monthly newsletter and weekly prayer list

· Custodial cleaning cloths and dish towels - clean as needed

· Maintain church flower schedule - order Easter lilies and poinsettias - pick up lilies from Savannah

· Prepare Deacon meeting packets - go over agenda with Chairman of Deacons - financial reports




Monday Count money with designated teller, record contributions, other duties as needed


Tuesday Write checks, staff meeting, other duties as needed


Wednesday Get checks signed and mailed, prepare material for Wednesday Night (prayer list, Bible study), collect money for supper, other duties as needed


Thursday Make sure bulletins are put out for Sunday, other duties as needed



Microsoft Office (Publisher, PowerPoint, Microsoft Office, Outlook Express, Excel)

Quick Books




Competitive Hourly Pay


Insurance (Health and Life):  Available at the employee’s expense

Vacation:  2 weeks with 1-year service; 3 weeks with 4-years service; 4 weeks with 12-years service

Sick Leave:  n/a

Retirement:  n/a

Holidays:  See Personnel Handbook



The Financial Secretary works with the Budget/Stewardship Committee and the Church Treasurer, is accountable to the Personnel Committee, and is directly supervised by the Pastor/Senior Minister.  Duties may be assigned by other ministers, the Director of Music, the Church Treasurer, and the Deacon Chair.

Please email your resume to FBCClaxton@pineland.net or mail them to P.O. Box 607, Claxton, GA